We will publish an exciting feature – eligible merchants will be able to accept payments from LINE Pay on August 17th.

In this stage, we will support Merchant Presented Mode(displayed shortly as MPM), which is LINE Pay users will be scanning PayPay QR code and making payments. (*1)

*1. Not available scopes for LINE Pay MPM
・ Emoney-only merchants
・ merchant scan merchants
・ Online payment merchants
・ Dynamic QR
・ Merchants who onboarded without LINE Pay


Enable service

If you are PayPay merchants who are collecting money using offline payment service, you don’t need additional settings or configs. We have enabled LINE Pay service for targeted merchants.

If you can see the LINE Pay tag in the available service list, congratulations, you will gain some business from Line users.

If you cannot find the service tag and would like to enable the service, please kindly refer to online application or contact PayPay teams.

If you don’t plan to involve LINE Pay transactions, it’s possible to opt-out on PayPay for Business. One thing is that if you disable the service, it’s not allowed to enable it again by yourself on PayPay for Business. You will have to apply online, which might take some time for screening(審査).


Still no additional settings are needed.

For LINE Pay transactions, you will be able to check on Dashboard(ダッシュボード) and Transactions(取引) just like what you have done for PayPay transactions. When you receive a LINE Pay payment, it is easy to find LINE Pay in Column Payment Application(支払いアプリ).

Also refund operations are the same, please notice that the refund policy might be a bit different referring to https://paypay.ne.jp/help-merchant/B0561/.




No additional configs either. We will transfer money to the bank account which you use for PayPay payouts.

We add LINE Pay related items to recon file. You will be able to check payout amount and details in payout tab(入金 2020/11/2~).


Here on our help pages, you can find more details for payments, refund, payout etc…

Looking forward to this service creating value for your business!