Two years ago this week we launched PayPay, and took the first steps on our journey to helping Japan build a cashless future. We began by empowering the everyday payments you make when you shop at places such as convenience stores, super markets and restaurants, and have been building on that, to bring you more and more options to better manage your money and the payments you make.

As we celebrate our anniversary, we thought we would take a moment to look back at some of our recent updates, as well as look forward to what we have coming soon.

More options at your fingertips

It’s no longer just local stores where you do your shopping with PayPay, it’s also at an increasing array of new services, such as ride hailing, food delivery and e-commerce portals.

We have been able to bring the best of these services inside PayPay. From one place, you can order food to be delivered to your door with Uber Eats or have it prepared at the restaurant to collect yourself with PayPay Pickup. You can hail a taxi through DiDi, invest and grow your PayPay bonus on the stock market with OTB or make great savings by buying online at the PayPay mall, all without ever leaving the PayPay app. You get the same access to secure payment management, great cashback deals and all of the other benefits of using PayPay, without ever having to download and sign up for another app.

The PayPay Miniapp platform is the technology that is allowing us and our partners to develop these great new services, deploy them inside PayPay, and provide more powerful choice for our users. We are actively pushing this technology forward and you can expect major new announcements in the near future (developers can also check PayPay for Developers website).

Discover more and better places to shop

PayPay Nearby is where many of you find local shops and major brand stores where you can use PayPay in your local area, as well as access their latest announcements and offer coupons. 

In the last year we have transformed the underlying map technology behind PayPay Nearby, making it much smoother to scroll around locations and quickly recognize key landmarks and local features. We have also added new search filters, giving you the ability to narrow down a search to find a specific type of shop or restaurant. Should you wish to go even further, you can also limit your search results by price, feature and menu options.

We want PayPay Nearby to become not just the place to find a store when you can use our app, but also the premier place to plan your next dinner spot or shopping trip. Coming soon we have new data enhancements, a visual upgrade for how multiple shops are displayed and a major update to our coupons.

Staying safe and secure

Online security is rightly an important talking point and something we take very seriously at PayPay. We have always ensured that our technology is built to the highest security standards of anywhere in the world, and we are constantly seeking to stay ahead of any new changes in technology. 

In the last few months there have been several security updates made that we have made, as well as many others that have not been publicly announced. All are designed to make sure you can shop with complete ease of mind. 

We are also continuously exploring ways that could make your account management easier and more useful to you. Released a few months ago, cashback calendar, allows you to know exactly when and how much PayPay bonus you will receive, making it much easier to plan your spending, while COVID-19 Tracing will inform you whenever you shop at a business with a known virus cluster (currently limited to Tokyo only).

Just Getting Started

Looking back, we have been amazed by the response that many of the features have had with people all over Japan. Stories from both our users and merchants, who have been able to manage their finances and their businesses in ways that they couldn’t imagine before.

We will continue to work to deliver new features to help you better spend both your money and your time. Expect to see even from us in the next 12 months and thank you for using PayPay!