PayPay Coupon, a popular feature of PayPay, is getting even more handy.


Before, one PayPay Coupon could only have one fixed redeem period, so if a merchant wanted to hold a long-term promotion regularly, it had to be a different coupon, which requires users to claim them each time. But starting from April 1, 2023, we will release scheduled PayPay Coupons which have multiple redeem periods packed into one coupon!


You can easily obtain “Weekly/Monthly coupon” from our existing widget on the usual coupon page.


Coupons with a “Weekly” or “Monthly” label,

in the “Period” field in the coupon details screen are “Weekly/Monthly coupon”.


Please be sure to find the best deals at your favorite stores along with our existing coupons.

Check out our new PayPay Coupons now!