Food delivery has long been part of our lives, but in the wake of Covid it has also become essential for those of us who are looking for good food, delivered in a safe and timely manner. Earlier this year we launched our Pickup service, which allowed you to order and pay for your food before visiting an establishment to collect it. And over the last couple of weeks we have been rolling out the Uber Eats mini app in PayPay. This brings you the complete Uber Eats experience, all accessible, from within PayPay. 

Open Uber Eats by tapping the icon inside your PayPay app and just as in the standard Uber Eats experience, you will find a list of top restaurants, meals and other delicious recommendations ready to browse and make an order. If you have already been using Uber Eats, link your account to see all of your details such as your favorite restaurants, recommended meals and current promotions. If you are new to Uber Eats then you can sign up, and start using it right away, with no need to leave PayPay or download another app.

With Uber Eats on PayPay, you have access to the complete range of restaurants and menu items on Uber Eats, even from restaurants that do not normally support PayPay payments. This opens up an even wider world of gourmet delights, with a richer selections of amazing restaurants now available to you. Deliveries to your home or office are handled by an approved Uber Eats delivery person, and you can also track your orders and manage your account all within PayPay.

We have also made the status updates of your order to be easy to follow, so that you can continue to plan your activities around your delivery. Are you on a video call at the office? Or about to put your kids to bed at night? We want you to smoothly make an order and not miss a beat as it makes it way to you.

The Uber Eats services uses many of the tools released as part of the PayPay for Developers service, and we have worked with Uber’s engineers to ensure the overall Uber Eats experience is integrated smoothly into your everyday PayPay use. 

It’s good to remember that enjoying food is a special experience, especially if you are at home with your family or friends. There are still thousands of great restaurants and chefs keen to serve you and by working with companies like Uber Eats, we can bring them to you, wherever you are. For users of PayPay, we offer you the best of an external service within the same, safe and easy-to-manage payment experience that PayPay offers for all of your purchases.

Our partnership with Uber Eats is just the first step in building a better delivery experience, wherever you are in Japan and whatever you are looking to have delivered. 

How to use

Start by tapping on the Uber Eats icon on the PayPay home screen. After you have logged in or created your account, you have the ability to search for specific offerings or browse by cuisine, keyword and availability. Once you have found what you are looking for, you place your order by completing the payment in the same way as you would with any other PayPay in-app payment. Your order is then placed with Uber, who confirm exactly when the restaurant has accepted your order, began its preparation, and handed it over to a delivery driver. You will also be notified as to when you can expect its arrival at your door.

Uber Eats on PayPay is available now – download the latest version of the PayPay app from either the iPhone App store or the Google Play Store to start using it.