If you have ever been in a rush to order food at a busy restaurant, if you have safety concerns about eating out, or simply prefer browsing richer menus before you place your order – then you know how much of a benefit a digital ordering systems can be.

These are all problems that we were thinking about when we developed our all new table order feature – released today for users in Osaka. It allows you to browse the menu of participating restaurants and order food from your table, all directly on your phone. Your order is directly passed to the restaurant staff, who will then bring out your food straight to you. Because everything is happening within PayPay, you also complete the payment at your table, with no need to wait at the counter to settle the bill at the end of a meal. 

How It Works

When you arrive at a participating restaurant, access the table order icon on the PayPay home screen. Scan the barcode at the table to get the correct menu information and enter your table number so that the staff know where to bring your food. You will then be presented with the menu, from which you can browse all available items, read descriptions and place, or edit orders, all with just a few simple taps.

Everything you order is added to your shopping basket, when you can give a final check, and add any special instructions, or make any last minute changes, before finalizing your order.

Payment happens immediately through PayPay in-app purchase, all as one one smooth flow. 

You can also check your order history at any time, showing the items you have order in the past or are still pending.

When you are dining out, ordering this way can be a fast, safe and convenient way to enjoy great food. Digital menus can provide more information, with space for high-quality pictures and supporting descriptions, and are easier to browse. Ordering without having staff loom over your table is faster and safer for both patrons and the staff themselves. And having everything implemented in one smooth payment flow lets you manage your payments and track your orders. 

In face, you can control everything from restaurant discovery, to finding applicable coupons, though to ordering, and tracking your expenses, all on PayPay. 

We are launching table order first at select restaurants in, where else, but the gourmet capital of Japan, Osaka. We will be bringing the service to restaurants all over the country, soon.

Whether you like eating at branded restaurants or tracking down a favorite local restaurant, everyone’s tastes are different, but with PayPay Table Order we hope you can have a safe and smooth experience, and enjoy eating out again.