Stamp card is a popular loyalty program offered by merchants.
You can get a stamp card at a lot of different kinds of businesses, from restaurants to beauty salons and more.
Isn’t it difficult to carry all the stamp cards in the wallet ? Do you remember to show the stamp card and get a stamp every time you visit the store ?

Announcing PayPay Stamp Card 

“PayPay Stamp Card”  is a new way to automatically get stamp cards from the merchants where you like to shop.
A Stamp Card is automatically granted when you make a payment at the merchant.
You can also check all available stamp cards from the PayPay mini app list screen by tapping through the stamp card icon.
Stamps are also automatically provided when you make a purchase at the store. 

Easily Manage Your Stamp Card 

Once you make a payment at a merchant using the PayPay app, you will be able to get a stamp card offered by the merchant automatically.
No need to worry about whether you have enough space inside your wallet to save those cards or not, you can feel free to collect as many stamp cards as you want.
You can also feel free to delete stamp cards if you don’t want to use them anymore. 

Automatically collect stamps and rewards

Stamps will also be granted automatically after making a payment at your favorite merchant.
After making a payment, you can check out the no of stamps earned in every transaction.
No extra work to show the stamp card to the merchant and no need to wait for the merchant to issue stamps.
Once you reach a stamp card milestone, a reward will be offered. When you complete a stamp card after payment, you can claim a reward directly after making the payment. Reach out to the store clerk to collect the present.

Available Now

PayPay Stamp Card is launching. It is available on PayPay App on Android and iOS versions 3.16.0 and above.
We will be adding more and more merchants from now on, so be sure to check it frequently and use PayPay when you pay to automatically collect stamps and rewards from merchants.