The convenience store experience in Japan is unlike any other in the world, with high-quality outlets located in easy to reach locations, offering a wide range of products and services. Convenience store companies like Seven-Eleven, constantly look to innovate on that experience. Supporting effortless cashless payments is a key part of improving the payment experience in-store, it speeds things up, can smoothly combine offers and is easier for a cashier to manage.

Seven-Eleven is Japan`s biggest convenience store chain, well recognized for its depth and breadth of quality. Working together, PayPay and Seven-Eleven have been developing new ways to enhance the cashless experience at their  stores.

Today, if you open the official Seven-Eleven app, you will find a transformed experience, with the latest deals and information from Seven-Eleven integrated with the ability to make a payment, direct from PayPay.

What makes this so revolutionary

Cashless payment services are a growing trend all around the world. But this is the first time a payment platform like PayPay has integrated its technology directly into an app offered from a retailer, anywhere.

This new experience gives you the ability to link your PayPay account and make payments using PayPay from within the Seven-Eleven app. When you link your account, a limited set of PayPay information is imported, including payment methods, current balance and account history. From then on, any purchase you make using the  Seven-Eleven app will be charged from your regular PayPay account. You can use the app anywhere, although you will not be able to get access to the full range of PayPay services – for those you will need to return to the main PayPay app. Of course, any purchase you make with the Seven-Eleven app will be recorded in your PayPay account, so that you can continue to track your expenditure.

Using the official Seven-Eleven app will also get you access to the very latest new deals, coupons and product releases direct from Seven-Eleven. Because there is such a variety of products and services available, it’s easy to get much more specific information, helping you get more from your next store visit. Check out their app now for the latest.

Try it out

Technology is opening up new ways for us to make informed shopping decisions, benefit from smarter deals, and track how we use our money. PayPay will continue to lead in these new areas, so that our users benefit in all areas of their lives, no matter your shopping habits.

Regardless if you prefer to use the main PayPay app for all of your payments, or use PayPay from within the Seven-Eleven app, you should be able to get the information that you want, and quickly and efficiently, and continue to go about your daily life. By working together, we can offer a great range of services, and increase your options.

The new Seven-Eleven app is available now, and you can find more information about linking your PayPay account, here.