It is now possible to set a daily or monthly limit on how much you spend with PayPay. This can make it much easier to manage your daily or monthly budget, as well as giving you the ability to easily manage the account of a relative. We have made it intuitive to manage, but have maintained a very high level of security to ensure that you can not break these limits without providing explicit, two-factor permission.

The Basics

From the privacy and security area of the PayPay account screen, there is a list of typical PayPay functions where you can add your limits. These can be applied to purchases, balance charges, or use of PayPay balance. Different amounts can be entered for each, so you can find a comfortable balance with a limit that works best for you.

Setting Limits

Setting limits on what you spend is something we all have to do – as it can become easy for anyone to slip into a habit of spending more than they can afford. If you choose to set a limit on your PayPay account, you will not be able to go over it, even if you make another request to add money, or try to make a purchase that will take over your limit. Therefor, with fixed amount limits in place, you can prevent overuse of PayPay, and better manage your own finances.

Peace of Mind

If you want to change the maximum usage amounts, then approval via SMS 2-factor authentication is required. This is an additional security step to ensure that you really want to go through with any change, as well as guaranteeing that should anyone gain access to your PayPay account, it is impossible for them to raise the limit.

It is one step in many that we take to ensure that PayPay`s security remains at the highest standard, while our users feel in complete control of their accounts.

User limits can be set on the latest version of PayPay, available now in the App Store and Google Play Store.