One of the hardest steps that any web or app project has to take is integrating a payment solution. You need clear, easy to integrate code that works well with your interface, and provides your customers with a familiar and safe environment for them to confirm a payment.

The PayPay developer tools can help.

And to help you understand those tools, and integrate them smoothly into your projects, we are holding the 2nd PayPay Developer Webinar.

When: September 15 (Tuesday), 19:00

Duration: 60mins

Where: YouTube Live

Join us, to learn about quick code integrations, invoking native payments in the PayPay app, and about account linking with your service, creating and refunding a payment and more.

The webinar includes live demos, and we will also attempt to cover specific questions left by developers in this form.

Please register ahead of the event below.

We will email everybody that registered the day before the event with the YouTube Live link.