We all like to find a good deal and save some money, from the everyday things we buy at shops to the times when we eat out at a nice restaurant. PayPay helps you save both time and money, with cash back and other bonuses earned the more you use it. Today, we are taking that even further.

Announcing Payment Linked Coupons

Payment Linked Coupons are a new way to get discounts and cashback direct from the brands where you like to shop. They can be found in the new coupon icon available on the home screen of the PayPay app. Tap here, and you can find all of the latest coupons available from major brands and retailers all across Japan. 

Check-out with no-extra Steps

Once you have found a coupon that you want to use, tap the “Follow this Coupon” button to add it to your personal coupon corner. In here, you can see all the coupons you have chosen to follow, view their expiry dates, terms and conditions, or tap through to the store pages to find the nearest participating store.

Easily Manage your offers

When you make a valid purchase at a store included in a selected coupon, you simply pay with PayPay as normal and the discount or special offer is automatically awarded to you as PayPay bonus. There is no need to juggle between apps on your phone at the cashier, no need to search in your purse for a paper coupon to show a store clerk. Everything is handled within the same standard payment flow, so you can speed through check out as you do normally. 

As long as there is a valid coupon that you have followed, the discount will automatically be applied. You can check the details on the payment details screen after your payment is complete, or by checking the payment history screen at any time. 

Stay Informed

Have you ever missed a special offer by a day or two? Or forgot to read the small print and realized too late that you can’t take advantage of an attractive offer. When you choose to follow a coupon on PayPay, you will also be notified on your PayPay homescreen and message center before it is due to expire. Information about any terms, minimum payment requirements and the list of valid stores are also all presented in a nice, easy to read coupon view – get everything you need to know in one location.

Available Now

Payment linked coupons is launching today, and already features offers from a number of popular merchants, found in locations all over Japan. We will be adding more and more offers everyday from now on, so be sure to check it frequently and use PayPay when you pay to save every time.