Today we are launching PayPay for Developers. 

PayPay for Developers is a suite of tools for web and app developers to easily integrate PayPay into their service and begin accepting PayPay payments.  Whether you are modifying an existing ecommerce site, or launching a new service, PayPay for Developers brings you the tools needed so that their users can make smooth, secure payments to you in confidence.

PayPay for Developers includes four major ways to implement PayPay, so developers can choose a payment flow that works best for them. 

App Invoke: Call the PayPay app on an end-user’s mobile device with the payment details instantly displayed. A user can quickly make a payment in the same manner as any other in-app PayPay transaction.

Dynamic QR: Display a dynamic QR code inside your service with your merchant account and transaction details included.  A user will scan the code and confirm the payment just as they do at millions of offline stores all over Japan.

Web Payment: Add PayPay as a payment method in an online store, and allow your end-user to log in with their PayPay account credentials or invoke their PayPay app, so that a payment can be made in a safe and secure environment.

Native Payment: Allow end-users to link their PayPay account with their account on your service, so that a transaction can be made automatically once an end-user has selected a purchase within your service. Once an account is linked, it remains linked for all future purchases.

As always, we have striven to make these tools as user-friendly as possible. To help with smooth integration, all APIs are well documented and there is easy to deploy and customize code snippets for developers to work with.

One feature that you do not want to miss is PayPay Lab. This allows you to deploy a test build and simulate the complete payment experience, in a safe sandbox environment that does not require you to use your own money. You can also test the responses you receive from the API in real time to help speed up any troubleshooting.

You should also check out the dashboard options that allow you track all transaction requests, payments, API responses and more. We intend this to become even more useful in the future, helping you to identify the gaps that any of your customers might be falling into during a payment flow on your service.

For every tool that is provided as part of the develop package we have also ensured there is extensive and detailed documentation, and should you have any problems then PayPay developer support is available.

Whats next?

Payment processing for any online business has always been one of the hardest challenges to solve. Not only are their technical issues about how you can safely accept payments, but it is also necessary to make your users feel confident to input their credit cards. For startups or new services without a brand name, this can often be a bridge too far for many users.

With what we are launching today however, we hope app and web developers feel inspired to add PayPay to their services. More than 30 million people have a PayPay account that they use everyday for purchases both large and small, from merchants as diverse as local bars to big national retail chains.

By adding PayPay into your own website or app then you are making it easier and safer for those people to make a payment to you.

Innovate with PayPay

This initial release is for developers that want to quickly add PayPay as a payment option. However, we feel the scope for what new online services can do are massively enhanced once you allow users to engage with you as a business and make a payment. We are already working with partners like Uber Eats, Yahoo! JAPAN Shopping and DiDi to create advanced integrations that have also become key parts of the PayPay app. We would love to work with the next generation of apps and startups to see what they can do.

Check out PayPay for Developers now, or get in contact with us if you have any questions.