Even for those of us who use PayPay for the majority of our purchases, it has often be necessary to store paper receipts received at the point of sale – be it for personal records, tax filings or expense reimbursement.

Its a small, but annoying pain point that builds up over time, but it is also something that PayPay is perfectly placed to help you with.

Receipt Registration

Starting today, you can now take a photo and attach it to the transaction record of every purchase you make with PayPay. This gives you a clear, easy to access record of exactly what you bought, as well as the amount, time and location. Here is how it works.

① In your Transaction History, select the payment record to which you want to attach a receipt.

② Next, tap on the Register Receipt/Apply for Expenses tab.

③ You can register a receipt either by taking a photo of it, or uploading a photo that you have previously taken. Once a photo is added, it is saved to the transaction record and you can come back to view it at any time.

Applying for company expenses

Concur is a popular company expense tracking platform in Japan that many employers use to track and reimburse their employees for any expenses they cover in the course of their work. It is especially helpful to those who often initially pay for their own business travel or entertainment costs and then seek reimbursement later.

If your employer uses Concur and you make a company-related purchase using PayPay, then you can apply for reimbursement all from one place. There will be no need to print out receipts, fill out or print any application forms.

④ Before you apply for Concur expenses on PayPay, you will need to link your PayPay and Concur accounts. This is done one the Concur side, by accessing their expense settlement system.

⑤ Start by visiting App Center.

⑥ Search for PayPay in the App Center, then choose connect.

⑦ Here you will need to login with your PayPay account. You will also receive a verification code via SMS. Enter this code and confirm the agreement to link your accounts.

After that process is completed, you will be ready to apply for your expense reimbursements.

You then begin by adding a photo of the receipt to the transaction record in your PayPay app, in exactly the same way as mentioned above.

⑦ After the image is added, there will be a “Apply for Expenses” option at the bottom of the screen.

⑧ You will need to confirm a few details, such as the payee, transaction date and time, as well a short description. When ready, send to Concur.

This will automatically register an expense reimbursement request in your company Concur account.

After that, please follow the standard procedure that your company has for handling its staff expenses. However, with everything submitted in one smooth flow, you should find approval and reimbursement happens in a much more efficient way from now on.

Business expenses and their reimbursement is something a lot of us have to put up with, but there is no reason to spend any more time on it than necessary. With receipt registration added to PayPay, we’re helping businesses and their hardworking staff across Japan save time while providing a better, more intelligent payment system.

Companies interested in signing up for Concur and using it with PayPay, can find out more here.