New features have been added to the convenient PayPay Bill Payment service, where you can make payments at home without going to a convenience store! Scheduled Payment Feature If you scan the barcode on the paper bill with the “PayPay” scanning feature and you choose (scheduled) the payment date, “PayPay” will automatically make the payment on the scheduled date. To schedule a payment date, simply tap the date on the calendar. This is a convenient feature that helps you avoid forgetting payments that need to be made on a specific date. Examples of use cases: ・I want to pay all my bills together on payday! → Schedule a payment on payday. ・I already achieved the conditions (number of payments & amount spent) for PayPay Step this month, so I want to pay the bill for next month’s PayPay Step. → Schedule a payment on the 1st of the next month.

  • Please mind the payment due date on your bill.

Automatic Payment Feature This feature allows PayPay to automatically pay bills three days before the payment is due for payees registered with the online bill payment service in the PayPay app. You can also specify a payment date. There is no need for complicated procedures, such as credit card or bank transfer registrations, and after setting up with a simple tap, you can start right away.

  • Currently, the online bill payment service is available only for the Bureau of Waterworks Tokyo Metropolitan Government, but will be expanded gradually.

PayPay makes the tedious payment of bills easy and convenient. Please take advantage of PayPay Bill Payment, which is now even more convenient!