We just announced the start of our PayPay Mini App program, an all new platform that allows developers and businesses to create and deploy their services directly inside the PayPay app. Developers that build a PayPay mini app can instantly reach millions of active users as part of the core PayPay experience and grow their businesses.

We have been working with partners such as PayPay Mall, Uber Eats, One Tap Buy and others in developing the first of these services, and are now opening the technology to developers everywhere. We are also actively looking to work with new partners, developers and businesses that want to build rich new experiences that enhance the lives of PayPay users. Together, we believe we can do amazing things.

To learn more about developing your own PayPay mini app, we hope you’ll join our experts for a special webinar showcasing:

  • The benefit of creating or adding services to the PayPay platform
  • How we leverage new and existing technologies for easy development
  • What type of services are possible
  • How to integrate with our payment APIs

Here are the Webinar details:

When: November 10 (Tuesday), 19:00 December 1, (Tuesday), 19:00

Note: Due to an unfortunate circumstance, we have had to postpone the webinar until a later date. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Duration: 60mins

Where: YouTube Live

The webinar includes live demos, and we will also attempt to cover specific questions left by developers in this form.

Please register ahead of the event below.

We will email everybody that registered the day before the event with the YouTube Live link.