One of the biggest challenges developers face is getting their app discovered and used. It gets even harder when you have to ask for a credit card payment to make a sale and grow your business.

Today, we are announcing the PayPay mini app platform. This is a set of tools, APIs and web-technologies that give you everything you need to easily build and deploy compact mini-apps inside PayPay. These mini-apps will appear as icons on the PayPay home screen, feature list and in other locations inside of our app, for each of our millions of users. They can be built to deliver rich, feature-filled experiences such as e-commerce, video streaming, event management and interactive media, whatever you need to engage users in your service. 

In addition to the core technologies to help you build your service, we are also providing the APIs for accessing necessary user information so that you can customize the experience you want to create, without compromising the privacy or security of our users. Any payments you wish to request will take place inside the PayPay app, using one of our current in-app payment flow options, meaning the complete experience is smooth and frictionless for both you and your customer.

In addition to the digital backbone to allow you to add your service to PayPay, we want to help you get up and running quickly and can provide marketing support to help you promote and grow. To this aim, we are also increasing the ways that we personalize the PayPay experience for our users by adding new recommendations and ways to introduce mini-apps and services, as they launch on PayPay.

As there is no need for a user to search and download another app, trial it and pay, PayPay is solving some of the key problems faced by developers. In fact, we have already been working with select partners and you can see examples mini apps such as PayPay Mall, Uber Eats, DiDi Taxi and One Tap Buy. These services did not start life as a part of our app, but they are now integral to our user experience, with millions of people engaging with them everyday, exclusively through PayPay.

We know that everybody has different spending habits and services that they prefer. Our aim with the mini app platform is to allow developers an opportunity to leverage our reach and payment system to build their services, while also offering PayPay users more variety in the ways that they can shop with PayPay.

In opening the PayPay mini app platform to developers everywhere and working together, we can build a strong and vibrant eco system that builds new experiences for business and customers in Japan. New services will get the opportunity to quickly scale their user base, and existing companies can re-engage customers in exciting new ways.

Developers and companies interested in bringing their service to PayPay can reach out to us. Detailed documentation is also available at PayPay for Developers, and you can find out more at the upcoming PayPay Integration Webinar on December 1st.