How many of you have been meaning to join insurance just in case something happens but putting it on hold because of the complicating and time-consuming process?

Here is some good news! You can join “PayPay Hoken(insurance)” by completing the application and payment in just a few minutes from your smartphone. The policy period is available from half a day or one day, very different from traditional insurance.

You can select what you need from various types of insurance; “Anshin (safety) Drive (Automobile Driver’s Insurance),” when renting a car from your friends or parents, “Anshin Jitensha(General Cycle Insurance),” to meet the requirements of local governments to be insured when riding a bicycle, and “Anshin Golf (General Personal Accident Insurance for Golf)” covers injuries or damages so that you can concentrate and enjoy your rounds! There are other types of activity-based insurances, such as the “Anshin Outdoor (Domestic Traveler’s Personal Accident Insurance for outdoor activities)” for injuries and damages during camping and marine sports, and “Anshin Ski & Snow Board (Domestic Traveler’s Personal Accident Insurance for Skiing and Snowboarding).”

Please tap the heart icon in the home screen of PayPay and check out the lineup of the “One day Hoken.”

Recently, many of our users chose to join the “Corona (COVID-19) Omimai (allowance) (Group General Insurance)” which allows them to be prepared right away for their “just in case.”


①Tap “One day Hoken”

②“Agree” and continue, if not previously agreed
※For users who has previously agreed, proceed to ③

③Tap “Corona Omimai”

④Select conditions and tap “proceed to join”

⑤Read the matters under “Consent” “Notifications” and proceed to the next page

⑥Enter the necessary information in the “join” screen and tap “Agree and join”

⑦You have successfully joined the insurance program

“PayPay Hoken” is for anyone residing in Japan, regardless of nationality. Please introduce this program to your non-Japanese friends and colleagues residing in Japan away from their home and families. (※Please be noted that the applicant must proceed through the steps in Japanese and have full understanding of the insurance policy.)

It only takes few steps to join “PayPay Hoken” to be free from worries on your special days and everyday life.

This article is an overview of PayPay Hoken. Please check PayPay Hoken LP for more details.


Underwriting Company:Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.

Insurance Agency:PayPay Insurance Service Corporation