As we mentioned in the previous post, PayPay for Developers went live in July 2020, and as a part of the platform, PayPay joined the Open Source Initiative and published a a number of tools and SDKs that make it easier for Developers to integrate PayPay into theirservices.

We have recently built on that original announcement by releasing the next version of our PayPay For Developers SDK. Going forward we intend to have alternate Wednesday’s designated as SDK Release Day, wherein all updates, changes, bug fixes, and deprecations would be published.

Features of this release

1. As we are open source, we get the benefit of using tools and services which are free and open for other developers. This includes Travis CI for unit tests to be executed on each Pull Request, code coverage is taken care of by Coveralls, and code quality is automated by LGTM, Contributor’s License Agreement is managed by cla-assist, deployment to package managers on each release is automated by Github Actions, security and updates of dependencies is automated by dependabot.

2. We have Python and Java SDKs integrated with the above, while work is underway to achieve a similar level of automation for PHP and Node SDKs.

3. We have added QR account link and support for agent client for all of our SDKs.

Release notes – 0.4


Important code snippets from this release:

LanguageAgent Client
Pythonclient = paypayopa.Client(auth=(API_KEY, API_SECRET), production_mode=False) #Set True for Production Environment. By Default this is set False for Sandbox Environment.client.set_assume_merchant(“MERCHANT_ID”)
JavaApiClient apiClient = new Configuration().getDefaultApiClient();apiClient.setProductionMode(false);apiClient.setApiKey(“YOUR_API_KEY”);apiClient.setApiSecretKey(“YOUR_API_SECRET”);apiClient.setAssumeMerchant(“YOUR_MERCHANT_KEY”);
PHP$client = new Client([  ‘API_KEY’ => ‘YOUR_API_KEY’,  ‘API_SECRET’=>’YOUR_API_SECRET’, ‘MERCHANT_ID’=>’YOUR_MERCHANT_ID’],false);
NodePAYPAY.Configure({  clientId: API_KEY,  clientSecret: API_SECRET,  merchantId: MERCHANT_ID,  productionMode: false, //Set True for Production Environment. By Default this is set False for Sandbox Environment.});

The features mentioned in this post might get deprecated depending on the duration between posting date and when you read this post. Please refer the Paypay for Developers Site or our github for latest documents and features.