PayPay member stores can track their transactions and update their presence on PayPay nearby from the web or by using the PayPay for Business app – its an easy way to manage your promotion and performance to PayPay users. Today, we are introducing an updated version of the PayPay for Business app, which builds on this functionality with a new streamlined  interface and revised information widgets.

Navigate the new PayPay for Business App

With the updated PayPay for Business app, you’ll get easier access to your key store information, with it displayed in more readable widgets right on the apps home screen. Its a smoother and cleaned up design that is aligned with the direction of the PayPay consumer app. For example, any payouts and transactions are now presented in a single view, while stores that offer PayPay Pickup can see their orders without having to move to a seperate screen. Just as with our main PayPay app, we are aiming to put more tools and information at your fingertips.

Dynamic QR code creation lets you input a transaction amount and instantly generate a qr code which your customer only has to scan to make a payment – completely removing the step of waiting for them to manually input the desired amount and showing their screen to you for confirmation. This lets you offer a smoother check out process for your customers and becomes faster for you to manage custom orders. Create your Dynamic QR code for every transaction, right from the PayPay for business app.

Using the PayPay for Business app

These changes are available on the PayPay for Business app whether you use the app on a mobile phone or a tablet. Currently the only service that is restricted on mobile is the ability to update your mystore presence via mobile. Keeping your mystore page up-to-date with your business hours, store description and posts helps PayPay users find, understand and choose to shop with you. We are adding the ability to do this from a mobile towards the end of January, 2021.

Also at that time we will be looking to add an easy way for you to create payment linked coupons. These are special offers that a you can offer your customers, by creating a small budget within your PayPay merchant account that you can then offer as cash back to everyone who shops with you. As an example, you can create a 1000 yen budget and offer 10 customers a 100 yen cash back present for transacting make with you. Everything is automated, your customers do not need to do anything beyond make a regular PayPay payment that meets your criteria. And for you as a merchant, there is no need to manage coupon limits or offer codes after you create the original offer.

Check out the new PayPay for Business app now by updating to the latest version – and look for more to come in the coming months.