PayPay has created new ways for consumers to engage with retailers and manage their purchases in more and smarter ways. One of the major ways we see this is when PayPay users find a store in our app, discover a coupon and decide to to visit and make a purchase.

For our merchants and member stores on the other end of the transaction, we have long offered PayPay for Business, a web platform and mobile app designed to help you manage your business on PayPay. Recently released a major new update to the PayPay for Business mobile app, which puts more tools at your fingertips.

The first thing merchants will notice when they launch the updated app is a new-look dashboard which now contains more information about how their business is performing on PayPay. This has been designed to make everything easy to understand at a glance, and includes the latest on your offers and coupons, myStore performance and transactions.

Thousands of stores have now launched and continued to update their myStore pages on PayPay. They are a key part in helping PayPay users find a business and choosing to visit it. A myStore page can contain core business information, as well as the photos of a business that the owner wants to highlight, and essential business information such as opening hours, address and contact numbers.

Stores can now take and upload photos to their myStore page directly from the PayPay for Business app. This allows for high-resolution, easy updating of the images that can be used to highlight a business and make it shine to the millions of PayPay users.

Editing additional mystore information has also been made much easier. Now, from within the app itself a business owner or merchant can easily update all of their displayed info, allowing them fast and easy updating of information such as weather their store is open as normal, or if their business hours are different due to any external factors.

We are also introducing easy coupon creation from within the PayPay for Business app.

As PayPay users scroll through the merchant offers that appear in the home screen and map screens of PayPay, they will see the latest offers, coupons and updates from major national brands and stores that are in their local area. Users will also see the latest posts from the stores that they have chosen to follow. Its a high-impact way to increase foot traffic to a store.

Using PayPay for Business, a merchant can now upload a photo or image from their mobile device, add title, text and link, and post instantly. This significantly reduces the time and work needed to keep your new and potential customers in your local area updated with any updates from your business that will attract them to pay you a visit.

Other store information will be added to mystore pages soon, allowing merchants to add much more specific information about the average prices they charge, the type of food on their menus and the features of their business. For merchants that have yet to do so, now is a great time to create or update your mystore page.

If you are looking for any inspiration for how to best use your mystore page, we have also included some success stories for you to review. This includes the work by the brands that have proven to be the most popular in PayPay.

It’s a privilege to build products that help brands close the loop for outreach, engagement and transactions. We’re excited to share more with you on the coming weeks as we continue this journey together.

PayPay for Business supports tablet or smart phone, and can be downloaded now, in the App Store or Google Play Store.