From the very beginning of PayPay in October 2018, we’ve been dedicated to empowering you by enhancing the payment experience. We set out to bring a smoother and cleaner payment experience that benefits from the technology on your phone, making it easy to scan a QR code, have your phone scanned or make an online payment – all in one smooth and secure place. 

Today, we are happy to announce that we have just past 1 billion payments. This number includes payments of all kinds, both online and offline, across all of our services.

Since launch, we have added key features like p2p money transfer – which lets you send and receive money to anybody, from anywhere, at any time and without any bank fees. We have also featured regular cash back campaigns, introduced new ways to discover stores and services, and added new ways to pay for your utility bills. To date, more than a million stores across Japan have chosen to support PayPay, not just major chain stores, but also a rich variety of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, boutiques and other types of businesses. There are more and more coming online every month. 

Working with major partners like Yahoo and others, we have been to add more online and partner experiences that are tailored to help you everyday.  Coming soon are services like PayPay Pickup, which allow you to order and pay for food from the comfort of your sofa or office desk, and then simply pick up and go to the restaurant.

Ongoing feedback from our users continues to help us improve our product and service line up, from making it easy to register a bank account to providing an easy way to track all active and ongoing campaigns. 

PayPay wil continue to add new features throughout the coming year as our service evolves to  your every changing needs. If you haven’t got started yet, you can download PayPay on iOS or Android now.