Anyone who owns a car will need to maintain it. When thinking about car upkeep, have you ever wished there was a convenient service that allowed you to:

  • Save time and money with a fixed price,
  • Make reservations and payments fully within the PayPay app,
  • Use it safely even during the pandemic, since a mechanic will come to you?

These wishes are coming true now, thanks to the “PayPay Accelerator Program,” which is a growth support program for startups that develop PayPay mini apps. Seibii, a car maintenance and repair house call service is launching one such app on January 18, 2022!

Seibii is a house call service for car maintenance, repairs, and parts installation by nationally qualified mechanics that you can easily consult and request online from a smartphone. With Seibii now available as a PayPay mini app, users can use their services via an app for the first time. And since everything from reservation to payment can be done through PayPay, your auto upkeep will be even more convenient. Next time your car needs maintenance, make sure to try arranging it through PayPay!

How to use

You can use Seibii’s service by tapping the ” Car Maintenance ” icon in the PayPay app*. Enjoy a convenient and stress-free house call car maintenance service by paying with PayPay.

  • Some services are not available through the PayPay mini app.

Selecting maintenance work from the PayPay mini app home screen:

Application flow

Flow from confirmation of request details to payment

We will continue to improve user convenience and our service level. Please give the new mini app a try and enjoy the convenience of a house call car maintenance service!