One of the most popular mini apps available in PayPay is our bill payment service. This allows you to scan a utility bill or tax bill, and pay it directly on your phone from anywhere, at any time. There is no need to set up a regular bank transfer or visit the convenience store. This gives you much more flexibility in how you handle essential expenses. Because you are paying with PayPay the bill payments you make also contribute to the cash back that you earn.

Today, we are announcing two big new updates to our bill paying mini app.

The first of these is all new support for online bill payment.

With online bill payment you can arrange for all of your monthly bill payments to be sent to you and paid from within PayPay.

After you have linked your account with your utility provider (please note we are only supporting Tokyo Water at launch, but more providers are coming online soon) you will receive notifications inside PayPay every time a new bill has been issued. 

You can then quickly review the details in your PayPay app, and settle the invoice, all at once, and all with just a few taps.

You continue to get the greater flexibility to handle your bills on PayPay, together with helpful notifications on when your bills have been issued. Removing paper bills from your life goes a little way to helping you reduce the stress of dealing with paperwork, and comes with the added benefit in that it helps the environment.

Just as before, all of your bill payments are tracked in your PayPay account for easy reference, and they continue to contribute to help you earn cash back into PayPay balance, that you can then use on the other purchases you make.

In addition to the new online bill payments feature, we are also releasing a new design to the bill payments app. 

Our new design will plan a digital forest in your on the Bill Payment mini app screen as you open it up. Every bill payment that you make will plant a tree in your own private PayPay forest. The more bills you pay, the more your forest will grow. Online bills that you pay (without any paper) will contribute 2 trees to your forest.

Grow your digital forest, contribute to a more environmentally friendly way of managing your bills, and benefit from greater everyday flexibility.

Our new bill payment service is being rolled out now and will soon be available to all users.