Let’s start using PayPay to give an allowance to our children and share living expenses with our partners!

A new feature has been added to the PayPay’s handy “Send/Receive Balance” service.

Scheduled Transfer Feature

Tap the scheduled transfer feature from the chat room and set the “Start Date,” “End Date,” and “Frequency” to automatically send your balance on your preferred date.

Schedules can be easily set up from today with no end date. This feature can help avoid forgetting to send your balance for regular payments.

Examples of convenient uses

Allowance to children

  • – Evening meal money for a high school son
  • – Sending living expenses to a daughter attending college
  • – Lunch and snack money for a middle school son

Share living expenses between partners

  • – Lunch money between husband and wife
  • – Food expenses
  • – Sundry goods
  • – Electricity bills
  • – Wife’s beauty salon fee
  • – Husband’s hobby expenses