With more of you using PayPay in more and more ways, there is a natural rise in the number of notifications that you are receiving. We realized that it might get harder for PayPay users to keep track of everything that’s going on. That’s why we created the new PayPay Notification Center.

The Notification Center gives you a single place for you to track everything from payment service notifications, to account management assistance, new product updates, helpful tips and much more besides – all arranged in a rich stream of information.  For example,

  1. Previously, if you missed a push notification of special campaigns sent by PayPay, or closed it after reading, then it was very difficult  to go back and check the contents at a later time.
  2. News from PayPay informing you of new features or how to better set and maintain your account will be published here.
  3. From time-to-time, personalized offers from the brands you follow. These are offers which we have determined to be of high-value, and relevant to you as a follower.

The new Notification Center organizes all announcements from the diverse services on PayPay into a clear chronological feed, and presents these posts in an easy to scan visual format, designed to help you quickly navigate to what you want. 

The Notification Center is moved to its own space, at the top of the homescreen making it easy to quickly access and check, every time you return to PayPay.

The new PayPay Notices has begun rolling out and should be available to you with an app update. We look forward to introducing new features in the coming weeks to make the PayPay experience more rewarding.*