Overview Of The Concept And Problem Statement 

Flyers are a popular way for stores to showcase new products or share promotions with customers on a physical paper – a flyer. You can get flyers from all types of stores and supermarkets. Users can view these flyers and take advantage of the promotions run by their favorite merchants. 

Although paper flyers are a great way for stores and customers to connect and share promotions, there are a few issues with paper flyers. 

Don’t you find it very inconvenient to sift through so many flyers in your mailbox to find what you like? It is so hard to store or manage! Even when you have flyers, it is very hard to find the best offer for you from the stores you like. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have all the benefits of a flyer without having to physically go to the store? Don’t you wish there was a better way?



Introducing PayPay Flyers!

PayPay Flyers consolidates Flyers from popular stores around you and displays them in an easy to read format on your mobile device on PayPay. Now you can view the same flyers in a digital format to check out discounted products and offers from your favorite stores. You can also categorise and store flyers based on your location and personalised preferences to view them later at your convenience. PayPay Flyer aims to be your go to place for all flyers.

Some Key Features of PayPay Flyers:


  • High Quality Flyer Images
    You can see the same flyers that you would otherwise see on a physical paper on PayPay Flyers. These are high quality images where you can zoom in and out. You can also share these flyers with your friends!


  • See Flyers based on location and save location
    You can save up to four addresses on PayPay Flyers and see different flyers for each of these locations. This makes it very convenient to view promotions when you are travelling or at your workplace. You can change or delete these addresses anytime you want.


  • View flyers based on stores you follow
    Under ‘Stores You Follow’, you can see flyers from all the stores you follow. This makes it very easy to get quick updates from the stores that you like or visit often. These are available for your quick access and ensure that you don’t miss out on important flyers!


  • Recently Viewed Flyers & Favourite Flyers
    To make sure that you don’t lose any flyers that you saw previously, PayPay Flyers automatically stores the flyers you viewed previously under ‘Recently Viewed Flyers’. This makes it easy to go back to a flyer you viewed in the past. You can also add your favorite flyers in a ‘Favorites’ section.



We will continue to increase the number of flyers and participating stores across Japan. Stay tuned for more stores. Be sure to use PayPay when paying at stores with PayPay Flyer!