We have just released an exciting update to one of our most popular features – PayPay Coupons. The new look, found when accessing the coupon icon on the PayPay home screen, will be the best place to discover great deals and cash saving opportunities at both local and national stores. As before, you simply need to follow the coupons you are interested in, and when you make an applicable payment, the cashback bonus is automatically sent to your PayPay account.

What’s Inside

With the new Coupon design, you will be able to browse and scan much more info about the coupons that are available to you. New widgets have been added that present popular coupons, coupons in your area, and the latest offers that have become available. Each coupon is also presented in a new format that displays relevant information in a nicer, more visual format ^ easier for you to quickly scan and make a decision.

We have also added new search filters, so you can narrow down the deals that are presented to you, and are able to find more relevant offers. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for savings at a local restaurant, or will be treating yourself to a salon visit, we should have something that fits your needs. PayPay merchants are adding more deals all the time, so the ability to run a new search can also be useful when you check back in the case that you don’t find the deal you want right away.

Finally, the coupons that you have chosen to follow can quickly be accessed, so you can easily review the details if needed, before you visit the target shop.

The New Normal

PayPay Coupons have become popular due to their ease of use – there is no need to display another screen to the store clerk, no need to apply for anything – it all happens as part of the normal transaction flow. PayPay Coupons were designed to be easy-to-use, completely frictionless, and help you to save money.

It has become difficult to go out and shop easily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But despite the challenges, shopping is an important part of our lives. Developing smarter, more empowering ways to pay, is a key part of our mission, to help you shop smarter – and safer. As always, we recommend masks and general cleanliness guidelines when you go out and shop.

Nationwide Coverage

PayPay Coupons are available nationwide. By default, you should be presented deals that are within a 50km radius of where you live – with the closet presented first. This should be close enough for either an easy walk, or a standard train or car journey. We hope you find great deals from both your favorite national chains, and local stores in your area. Check out the new PayPay Coupons now.