Earlier this year, we launched a big new improvement to maps on PayPay, making it much smoother and easier to browse stores that accept PayPay nearby to you.

Just like we improved the underlying maps, we want to make it easy for you to find the perfect place to dine or shop in a fast, intuitive way.

Today, we`re making that possible with new search features in PayPay Nearby – with these new features you will be able to track down shops such as ramen restaurants that have lunch for under 1000 yen, fashion shops that have baby car access, and much more besides.

Filtering out what you don’t need

When you search for a local store or restaurant you are most likely looking for a specific type, for example there may be a particular item you are looking to buy or food you feel like eating. Now you can filter your results, so that you are only presented with what matches your needs at that time.

Start by tapping the search icon and choosing the type of business you are looking to find. If it is a broad category, like restaurants, then you will be presented with a list of different types of restaurants. You can jump between these by tapping the labels at the top of the map screen.

If you wish to get even more specific, we have made that easy to. Open up the filter screen by tapping the filter icon at the top. Here you can select from a range of popular features such as baby car access, store amenities or access. For restaurants and cafes, lunch and dinner price can also be selected, while the option to filter by campaign that was previously available also remains.

We have designed everything to be easily and quickly tappable, so that you can update your preferences and keep looking until you find the perfect place. Features are available based on their popularity, and we will be adding more over the next few weeks to further increase your searching options.

Having access to information quicker can save you time and money – as it helps you make better decisions on where to shop. We want to support you on that journey in more and more ways, and look forward to further enhancing the PayPay search experience for you, in the near future.

Try the new PayPay search now, by downloading the latest version of PayPay from the App store or Google Play Store.