Our Nearby function makes it easy to find and understand the latest information from the shops, restaurants and other businesses that support PayPay. Today, we are releasing an important visual update, which presents our store pins on our map, in a new way. This update is specifically designed to make it easy for you to navigate the PayPay Map in locations where there are many stores in close proximity – such as at a shopping street, outlet mall, or busy commercial area.

Use grouped pins to understand what is nearby

When you select or search a location on PayPay maps, you see different color pins that highlight what type of stores can be found. However, when there are multiple pins together, it can be hard to understand the details of those stores and exactly where they are positioned. From today, we will now group multiple stores together in a smart group, with a single map pin, that highlights how many businesses it includes.

Tapping the smart pin will show you a list of all of the stores included in that pin, together with search options that let you filter out all but the exact type of shop or restaurant you want.

The information reflected in the smart pin is always updated, so even if you zoom into or out of a location, it will update the information that is presented, so you are always seeing what is important.

Tapping any store on the list will also open up its store page, so you can also quickly get to more of the specific store information – such as their latest coupons, posts or shop information.

A smoother map

To bring this new smart pin experience to life, we have also made improvements to the overall interactive performance of the map screen. With the help of new animations, smoother scrolls and smarter information presentation, we are now able to make moving through the PayPay map a much nicer experience. Below, you can see how a user would zoom down to a new location, tap open a new smart pin and view store information.

This will be especially useful in the dense downtown locations of Japanese cities and other locations where lots of stores are located within a small area.

New Search Improvements

If you`re searching for a specific store, or if you are looking for stores that are part of a promotional campaign, then you need to be able to filter the search results to get exactly what you want. A couple of months ago we launched our search filters and we have been constantly improving the data sets since then to further ensure you get a good result on your map search. In addition, when you filter by promotional campaigns, you will now see the biggest campaigns active in your location by default, as well as being seeing an overview of all other campaigns that PayPay is running. Select a campaign, to see the map results updated only with the stores that will save you the most money.

No matter what type of business you are looking for, our Nearby feature can help you find it, and save more, when you pay with PayPay. You`ll start seeing these new map improvements in your PayPay app in the coming days and we will be working on further improvements in the weeks ahead.