The Myna Point system promoted by the government of Japan has rapidly been expanding across different services. Starting on July 1st you can now register your Myna-Point details on PayPay to receive additional benefits.

By registering your My Number credentials with your PayPay account and charging your balance, you can receive a PayPay Bonus of 25% of the amount – up to a maximum of 5000 yen. So for example, if you charge 20,000 into your account, you will receive 25,000 yen in total.

Registration can be completed by installing the official Myna Point app, scanning your My Number Point card, and confirming your details. In all, it is a 6-step process which can be done in little more than a minute.

If your phone does not support scanning your My Number Card, then you can also register your details at a Lawson, Myna Point Procedure Spot, or using a laptop with card reading functionality. Seven Bank ATM is also due to be supported soon.

If you have a My Number Card, then this is a great way to get more value out of it, and benefit further in the future as you use PayPay more.

For more information on My Number Card, see here.

Note though that the bonus is paid out only after September 1st, so please wait a little if you register right away. The bonus is paid as PayPay Money Lite. PayPay Money Lite can be used for purchase or money transfers, but you cannot withdraw back to a bank account.