While the corona situation has caused many of us to put off traveling for family or personal entertainment, there are still lots of fun things that can be done in your local neighborhood. And spending locally, can still mean finding a great deal.

Recently, we launched PayPay coupons, a service where you can follow a coupon and then save money instantly when you pay at the corresponding store with PayPay. There is no extra coupon screen, no need to jump between apps, you simply follow the coupon and the cashback is automatically granted to you as part of the transaction. It’s a great way to save money when you use PayPay and we launched the service with a number of major nationwide brands.

This week, we began rolling out support for local stores to create and publish their own PayPay coupons. Now, any store that accepts PayPay can instantly publish a coupon from their business account tools* – and have it show up in your PayPay app. To make sure all the coupons you see are relevant to you, we sort them by location so that the coupons closest to you appear at the top.

This allows you to explore great deals from both popular chain stores and smaller places of business in your neighborhood. Maybe its a local coffee shop offering 100 yen discount, or a fashion boutique with a new year sale – whatever it is, there is a greater chance you can find it now on PayPay. So, even if you can not travel to your home town or spend the holidays somewhere new, you can still enjoy shopping, saving money and supporting local businesses. 

Business Owners

Business owners who are interested in creating their own PayPay coupons can find out about the options available to them, as well as a guide to publishing a successful offer, here.

(*Note: This is a paid service for members stores)