One of the major benefits of using PayPay for your daily shopping is the cash back bonus that you can earn on your purchases – especially if you take advantage of one of our campaigns. Once you have earned PayPay bonus, it is automatically added to your account balance, for use in future purchases. Now however, we are giving you more control over how to use your cash back bonus – starting with the release of PayPay version 2.69.0 later today, you will be able to choose from using it in a payment, saving it for the future, or investing it in our Earn Bonus service.

At times when you choose to save your bonus, payments will be made with balance that you have topped up from a bank account or ATM. Bonus is kept separate, and as you make more purchases, it will continue to grow – allowing you to save up for a larger purchase.

Earn Bonus is our simulated investment service provided in collaboration with OTB. Adding your PayPay Cash back into this service lets OTB invest your bonus into the stock market, with the chance of you earning a % of any gains – which you can then add back to your PayPay balance and use in your everyday purchases.* 

As before, choosing to spend your PayPay balance will contribute the amount to your next payment.

We have designed each setting to be easy-to-use and change at will, so you can feel confident of being in control of your account.

Tap balance in the navigation bar at the bottom of your app to get started. Then move on to settings to change to your preferred option.

Your current settings will be displayed – for first time users, this will be selected to “Use for Payment” unless you have already decided to automatically add your bonus into the OTB investment service. To change your settings, tap your preferred choice and then save your settings.

There is also a chance to save or spend your PayPay Bonus at the time of payment. If you want to change, as soon as you bring up the payment screen, tap the toggle, shown below your payment method. Your settings will be updated, just in time. This is a handy way to help you spend or, save depending on the purchase you are making.* 

Give it a try now, and take control on how you use your PayPay Bonus.

The best way to increase the amount of cash back you earn on your payments is by linking PayPay to a bank account and charging your balance.

* 1 Virtual investment using PayPay Bonus is a service provided by PayPay Securities. Please check here for details of the service.

* 2 If you change the bonus usage setting on the payment screen or barcode screen, this setting will be carried over to the next time.