As we have added more ways for you to use PayPay online, some of our users have come to be logged in on multiple devices at the same time. For example, if you have used a PC to make an online purchase, or carry a second mobile phone around with you. To make it easier to control multiple logins, we are releasing a new tool to help you manage your PayPay online security.

A new control in the security and privacy section of your account page in the PayPay app lets you log out of all devices where you are currently using PayPay. This means any mobile device where you had the Paypay installed, or any web browser where you have logged in can instantly be logged out of with a single tap. This prevents anybody else from being able to access any part of your PayPay account, should they pick up your device or use your computer.

We are also adding the ability to quickly update your password, which will require a new log in on any additional devices where you might of used your PayPay account.

Coming soon, we will also be adding a display that lists all devices where you have logged in, so you can see at a glance where and when you have used PayPay.

These new features come after we launched the ability for you to set limits on how your PayPay account is used every month and as part of our constant and ongoing work to maintane PayPay security at the highest level. 

Keeping your account secure is at the core of what we do everyday. By adding features like this, we help maintain the highest levels of safety, while also providing you with greater flexibility in how you use PayPay and control your account.

The new security feature will be available now to anyone with version 2.53.0 and above of the PayPay app.