Here is some good news for LINEMO users!

If you use your LINEMO mobile network for linking accounts with PayPay, you can now easily sign up, log in, and top up on the PayPay app.

If you want to sign up, you can create a PayPay account simply by pressing the “SoftBank, Y!mobile, LINEMO” button on the screen for network authentication and enter the four-digit code sent via SMS.

For existing PayPay users, the login and top-up processes will be easier once you link your mobile network with your PayPay account.

You can log in just by pressing the “SoftBank, Y!mobile, LINEMO” button without entering your phone number and password on the login screen.

In addition, you can top up using “SoftBank, Y!mobile Pay on One Bill” with a simple change in settings, and you can use your top-up to pay for your monthly LINEMO smartphone bills.

Just tap the “Link with SoftBank, Y!mobile, LINEMO >” button from the Links with External Services screen on your Account screen to link services.

It’s a function that allows LINEMO users to easily, as well as conveniently, start with and use PayPay!

I hope you give it a try!