In-store purchases, meal Pickups, bill payments, online orders and more. The more you use PayPay, the more cashback you receive into your PayPay Balance. With PayPay services continuing to power more of your purchases, it would be nice to keep track of how much cashback you are receiving and when it will arrive in your account.

Starting last week, we began rolling out a new visual overview of your cash back on PayPay, with one-tap access to a break down of all your cash back information. This includes how much you have earned from your recent purchases, as well as the date that it arrives in your account. A second, calendar view, also provides a look at the weeks ahead, so you can see when to expect future cash back grants to arrive.

Nearly all of your purchases in PayPay will go towards helping you earn cash back. However, until now it has not always been clear how much comes from where – for example, some special offers that you might take advantage can lead to you getting more cash back bonus than others. Now, you`ll see details for every eligible transaction in one place.

Access the new cash back experience by tapping on the new icon in the the PayPay Feature List screen or via the cash back history section of your balance details.

Another new way that you can keep track of your Bonus Payments is through notifications. Last month we launched the new PayPay Notices, a time line of important information, special offers and other contents that help you get more out of your PayPay usage. You will now also start receive alerts as soon as new bonus has been paid into your account in your timeline, so you can stay on top of your balance every time it is updated.

We will continue to add more useful features to your account management to help you shop smarter. Try out the new visual cash back history feature and keep an eye on your notifications so you can stay on top of the things that matter most to you.