How many times have you struggled to find whether the restaurant that you’re craving has Take Out service or not? And, we’ve all been in the situation to realize that the exorbitant delivery fee is as expensive as the food we want.  This is where PayPay Pickup comes in. 

PayPay Pickup is built to help you everyday by providing an easy way to browse nearby restaurants, or cafes, place an order in PayPay and then pick up the food without having to wait or pay extra to have it delivered. Everything is handled within the PayPay app and can be managed from your sofa or office desk.

To begin, PayPay PickUp will show you a list of supporting stores in your local area, as well as presenting their menu offerings with beautiful large, full-screen photos and clear description and information on the food. When you are ready, place the order and the restaurant will immediately receive a notification asking them to acknowledge your order.  

We will keep you informed at every step of the order by sending you push notifications when your order has been accepted and ready for pick up. You can see the estimated food pick up time as soon as the order has been accepted so that you can start walking to reach on time or just wait for the notification when the order is ready for pick up. To give you the best user experience, all orders placed on PayPay Pickup have to be acknowledged by the restaurant. So if you change your mind about your order, you can cancel it before the restaurant has accepted your order. Your money will be refunded immediately. In rare cases, the restaurant may choose not to accept your order if they’re unable to fulfill it for whatever reason.

Once you arrive at the restaurant, just mention your pick up code given on the order status screen, and confirm that you’ve received your food in the app. We charge you once you confirm that you’ve picked up the food or when the merchant marks the order as delivered. As with all of your PayPay payments, you can also benefit from any cashback offers, special campaigns and other benefits that may be running at the time of your order.  

PayPay Pickup has long been part of our product roadmap at PayPay. However, the situation brought about by the corona virus brought an extra level of urgency to this service, as our eating habits have been forced to change and there are a large number of PayPay member stores who want to get their food out to customers.

Delivery services are also not always ideal as there is a third party involved, bringing you your order, and often this will be someone who is making several deliveries at a time, meeting different people as they do so. For those reasons, we altered our plans, and have spent the last few weeks moving fast to bring you PayPay Pickup ahead of schedule. 

PayPay Pickup is currently in its initial launch phase and is offering food from First Kitchen and Wendy`s outlets at 50 locations around Japan. You can expect to see this list of supporting merchants expand rapidly in the coming weeks to cover tastes of every kind, all over the country.

The service can be accessed by the Pickup icon now displayed on the PayPay home screen. All that is required is the latest version of the PayPay consumer app (v2.28.0). Business owners who are interested in PayPay pick up should contact us here.

Hopefully, in launching PayPay Pickup, we have saved you some time, money and hungry moments during the coming days. If you have tried PayPay Pickup, let us know by commenting on our Twitter feed.