Last week we posted about adding English language support to PayPay, to help our users who do not read Japanese. This week we want to update on another improvement that we are releasing to improve accessibility – custom font sizing.

Custom font sizing lets you change the size of the labels, icons and description texts used in many places throughout PayPay. You can increase (or decrease back to the regular size) at any time by going into your account menu and selecting Font Size from the option list. Three size options are available, and we have made it easy scroll between them so that you can compare and adjust to the level that you find most comfortable.

With this release, we are taking the next step in our efforts to make PayPay accessible to more people, in more ways. We know from both our users and member stores that even small steps like this can lead to a big improvement in how you benefit from PayPay. To those who have ever struggled to read small text on their mobile phone screens, we hope this helps.

For PayPay, its important that technology is made accessible and easy to use, as it ultimately results in products that work better for everyone.

Custom font sizing on PayPay is now available to all PayPay users. Be sure to check the iOS App Store or Google Play Store to ensure you have updated to the latest version.