With the growing number of new services and features within PayPay, it’s becoming increasingly cumbersome to find what you need. 

Today, PayPay is introducing favorite folder on Home screen. 

With this new feature, you can now favorite any existing PayPay services within the folder for faster access.


Until now,  if the service you were looking for is not on the Home screen, you would have to access the all icons page and browse. However with this new feature, your favorite services are not only easily accessible from the Home screen folder, but they will also appear at the very top of the all-icons page.

We are setting you off with 3 preset features as favorites: Payment History, Kisekae, and T-Card. Feel free to remove these features, or add the ones you use often, up to a maximum of 8. You can access the edit page to make the changes from both the folder and the all-icons page.

This feature is available from PayPay version 3.18.0 and above. Please install the latest version of the app to enjoy!