PayPay is now available online and in many stores, and I believe that more and more people have made it a part of their daily lives.
However, when making payments with PayPay, you usually have to top up your balance.
You can top up your account with cash via ATMs in 7-Eleven or Lawson, but the most convenient way is to do it directly from your bank account.

In order to register your bank account, you need to first verify your identity on the PayPay app for security reasons.
Now with the introduction of the Japanese public key infrastructure (JPKI) using My Number Cards, it is possible to verify your identity in a very easy and safe manner. This feature will be available on the Android version first, and soon after on iOS devices too.

Japanese Public Key Infrastructure Using My Number Cards

Until now, we had to ask users to take multiple photos for identification purposes, including their ID documents.
It was a hassle to have to take selfies or photos of the ID and make sure they were not blurred, and then enter one’s name and address.
With the adoption of JPKI, it all becomes quite simple. There is now no need to take any pictures and the only items that need to be entered are the digital certificate passcode and user name in kana letters (there are a few options to choose from).

To use this service, you will need a smartphone that supports the NFC feature.

The identity verification feature using JPKI is available with PayPay version 3.19.0 or later. Why not try it out once you update the app?