The spread of COVID-19 (Corona Virus) has changed the lives of people around the world. In Japan, we have been lucky that the infection rate has not been as severe as elsewhere, nonetheless, there was still a state of emergency declared, and there were rightly widespread concerns about going out to gather in public spaces such as shops or restaurants. 

For PayPay, it forced a number of rapid changes to our product, including the launch of the Pickup service. The worst of the situation appears to have now passed, and business and public spaces have begun to open up again. However, despite the overall improvement in the situation, there continues to be cases reported every day, especially in Tokyo.

We wanted to do more to help. People use PayPay to shop at 100,000s of stores in the city and it’s important you can do that with peace of mind. One of the key features of PayPay is that a record of where and when you paid at a particular shop is stored in your account. This is provided so you can look back at the details of any purchase that you made, as well as see how much cashback you have earnt over a period of time. 

We realized this could also be a great asset to informing our users whenever they have come close to a COVID-19 case, and begun development. Now, as a Corona Tech Partner in Tokyo, we are pleased to announce a new COVID-19 (Corona virus) tracing service on PayPay.

If you opt in to sharing your information, PayPay will inform you whenever a cluster of Covid-19 virus cases have occurred at a store in which you have recently shopped. You will receive a push notification whenever it is relevant, so that you can take timely action by checking your health.

You will receive a notification only if it is necessary  – that is, if you have shopped in a store that has a recently confirmed case of the virus. All stores in the Tokyo area have been asked to share their information with the local government, data which is subsequently given to PayPay, ensuring that we have wide coverage across the metropolis.

As with all of our product launches, your privacy and data is of the maximum importance to us and we have designed this service to be completely opt-in. To receive the notifications you must agree to the terms of the service, and have given PayPay permission to send you push notifications in your account settings. You can also opt-out should you change your mind about using PayPay corona tracing in the future.

Early detection of the COVID-19 virus and quick action can help dramatically prevent infection of yourself, your family and others. 

PayPay is committed to being the most powerful payment option available to you when you shop, and we will continue to develop our technology so that you can go out safely. Corona Tracing begins on June 27th, 2020 and will be displayed to relevant users in and around Tokyo.