When we consider our purchasing habits, shopping online and shopping offline are often seen as being 2 different, and distinct experiences. We make a visit to the shops for some things, and a head to an e-commerce site for others. PayPay though, has always worked to help you integrate the best of the online experience, into your offline shopping habits. You benefit from better deals, regular cash-back, easy access to new services, money management tools and much more besides. Today, we are taking another step on this journey, and bringing you a new e-commerce experience directly onto the home screen of the PayPay app.

Starting today, if you are using PayPay version 2.66.0 or above, you will see a new product feed, featuring recommended products from our e-commerce partner, PayPay Mall. Each recommended product will show the price, name and category of the product – and when tapped you will be taken to the corresponding page in the Mall mini app inside PayPay. From there, you can check product and retailer information, compare with similar products or seek out online only deals. If you choose to purchase online, you are just a few taps away from completing an order – all payment is managed by PayPay and you do not have to leave the app at any time. Orders are fulfilled by PayPay Mall / Yahoo! JAPAN shopping and sent directly to the address you choose.

We have been building PayPay to make sure that it is the place you come to make smarter purchase decisions, be it in the deals you take advantage of, or the stores you seek out. By adding this new feed on the home screen, we want to make the experience of browsing and discovering new products accessible right from when you open the app.

It can be a great way to pick up a gift for someone you didn’t a chance to buy at a store, save on a larger purchase, or discover what items are trending.

All products shown are automatically selected by PayPay Mall, but those who have linked a Yahoo! Japan account with their PayPay account will start to see a more personalized recommended feed emerge over the next few weeks, with products that we think will be of special interest just to you.

PayPay Mall is part of Yahoo! JAPAN Shopping, and since its launch it has gone onto become a major ecommerce destination by providing a safe, easy and fun way to discover millions of products from sellers all over Japan. The service boasts rich product lineups, from major brands  right through to local artisan retailers offering hand made goods.

Make sure you are using PayPay version 2.66.0 or above, and go take a look now.