Checking email, chatting with friends, playing games, streaming video or paying for purchases – all are just some of the activities that have become daily habits for all of us. They all take up the battery power of our phones however, and running out of energy while out and about can have a huge impact on our busy days.

Carrying around our own battery pack or charge cable around is one option to get around this, but it is far from convenient and can still require you to find a place to plug in and wait.

ChargeSpot is a company that offers a wireless charging solution that lets us avoid the hassle of bringing an extra device, or dropping what you are doing to find an accessible electric socket.

They provide portable charge battery packs that you can pick up  at over 25,000 locations around the country, and take with you. Available at offices, cafes and other public spaces, you can reserve a battery pack whenever you need one, drop by their vending machines to pick it up, charge your phone, and return the pack when you are done.

Pick up locations are increasingly easy to find, their process makes it simple to reserve and pay, and your phone can be charged back up to full-energy, without any interruption to your day.

ChargeSpot has been available in Japan since 2018, offering their own app for download. However, as of today, for users of PayPay version 2.71.0 and above*, the full ChargeSpot experience can also be accessed from inside PayPay. Tap the ChargeSpot icon in your PayPay app to get started.

Doing so will give you instant access to the full range of key features, but all within the safety and security of your PayPay app. Search the map and find a nearby or convenient location where a ChargeSpot vending machine can be found, instantly reserve a charger and pay for your reservation from your PayPay balance. Keep track of your account status and manage notifications all from within PayPay as well.

When you turn up at the ChargeSpot terminal to pick up a charge, follow the simple steps to claim your charger and take it with you.

Being part of your PayPay app means you can also manage your account linking with ChargeSpot and track your purchases (which in addition, also go towards your PayPay STEP campaign).

Your phone is at the center of your modern life, and PayPay helps you get more out of it, by empowering the payments you make at an incredible array of shops and services, all over Japan. And with new services like ChargeSpot, joining others such as mobile ride hailing from DiDi, online shopping with PayPay Mall and food delivery from UberEats, your access to these great services can be managed from one, easy-to-use place. Try ChargeSpot on PayPay now.

*Android users requires PayPay version 2.72.0 and above