A new way to make your PayPay account work for you, safely explore stock market investment and earn more money.

One of the aims of all our product decisions at PayPay is to provide you with more of the tools needed to make your money work better for you. Be it in helping you earn rewards for your purchases, delivering unique special offers or combining all of your offline and online payments in one easy to manage place. 

Continuing that focus, we are introducing PayPay Bonus Management, a new way for you to earn more PayPay bonus through easy and controllable market investment. 

Investing in the stock market can be a daunting prospect. Not only is it usually required to find a broker, but you need which stocks to buy into and when to sell, and then take several complicated steps before you can execute a trade. The difficulty is further increased by not having an easy way to dip your toes into the market without risking a significant amount of your own or your family`s money.  Buying into a standard investment can mean being locked into long-term performance and divestment rules. This keeps a lot of people away from investing in the stock markets. 

We want to change this. 

The PayPay Bonus Management service allows you to take your PayPay bonus balance and invest into the world’s largest investment market in the US. Your money will then go to work for you, increasing or decreasing with the overall market performance. As the value of the market changes, so will the virtual investment you have made. When you feel the time is right to step out, you can sell with just a few taps and withdraw the balance back to your PayPay account. Now, you can use it to make purchases in one of the millions of shops, restaurants and other businesses that support PayPay, all over Japan.

You are only investing your PayPay bonus balance, not actual money, but the returns that you earn can then be used to top up your PayPay account make actual purchases. The service is especially designed for first time investors. Here is why you should try it out:

No New Account Set up Required:  There is no need to open up a new account with another service, no fees to pay, and no manual operation. Everything is done through the same intuitive interface in which you manage your other purchases on PayPay. Currently, You can only invest an amount available in your PayPay Bonus account. We’ve done this so that you can get started quickly and do not require to provide a lot of personal information or take a lot of extra steps.

Start Investing with as low as 1 Yen: You don’t need to have a lot of money to get started. The minimum investment amount is 1 Yen. That’s right, Just 1 Yen.  The status of your investment can be tracked in real time, and you are free to increase or decrease the amount of PayPay Bonus you are investing, whenever you want. 

Making Investment Easy: We want our you to benefit from the stock market without needing to stay up all night to research and time your trades. There is no need to worry about trying to buy into the expensive stocks of famous companies and assume that they are safe bets, or try to research promising startups you hope to grow with. Instead, your investment is linked to the overall movement of the market. Individual investments in particular companies on PayPay Bonus use are handled automatically by specialist service One Tap Buy

Choose your own path: Everyone has different expectations from their investments so we have provided our users two courses from which to choose from. One involves investing in more volatile but potentially higher returning stocks, while the second option is to go for more conservative stocks which are expected to have more consistent performance.

Even as major economies such as Japan and the US undergo a tremendous amount of stress brought on by the coronavirus situation and the markets stay depressed, there is reason for optimism. Savvy investors will often point out that a down market is the time to buy in, so that when the recovery comes, you can be well placed to benefit.

We have designed the whole PayPay Bonus use experience to be a great way for you to get started today. Give it a try by opening up PayPay Bonus use and investing some of your PayPay Bonus to get started. In a couple of months time you could be surprised by how much you earn back. 

PayPay Bonus Management is provided by PayPay in partnership with One Tap Buy KK. An additional agreement to their terms and conditions is required before you can invest. As with all investments, there is a risk to loosing your money and not earning a return. Any investments are made at your own risk and are not the responsibility of PayPay or its partners.