Scanning a QR code and paying with PayPay at a store has always been a smooth experience. Just tap the scan icon, hold the camera view that appears close to a valid PayPay QR code, and you’ll instantly be taken to the amount entry screen.

It is a fast process and it allows you to pay while also taking full advantage of other information, such as learning how much cash back you receive once the payment is complete.

As part of our ongoing user research we hear a lot of your feedback. Some have been kind enough to point out that it is an occasional inconvenience to rotate your phone to display it to a cashier, especially if you mistakenly enter the wrong amount and have to repeat the process.

Eliminating any of these friction points that might slow you down at the cashier is one of our leading priorities, as we continue to make paying with PayPay your best option. To make the payment process even smoother, we are improving scan and pay flow to make it quicker for the merchants to confirm the transaction amount before the transaction is made. 

How it works

We will rotate the screen for you when you are ready to show the entered amount to a cashier accepting your payment. It works at any PayPay merchant where you pay via scanning a QR code. Once you have entered the amount of your payment, the screen will automatically rotate 180 degrees, to make it easy for you to present the amount to a cashier by lowering the top of your phone. Should you need to rotate again for any reason, a single-tap button is also presented on the screen. 

This displays to the cashier their store details and the value of the payment you have entered, in a way that is instantly readable, without them needing to move. There is no need to twist your wrist, or handle the phone around. After a few seconds, the screen will automatically return so that it returns to your viewpoint, and you can confirm the payment with one final tap.

Note that this feature does not apply in cases where the cashier will scan the barcode on your phone – it is only applied in cases where you are scanning a QR code to make a payment. This feature is also not applicable in cases where a QR code is generated on the go. 

This feature will start rolling today. Take advantage of it the next time you are out shopping, and enjoy safe and convenient check out.