It can be difficult to get started with new technology, especially if it replaces something like cash or credit cards. The new welcome screens that will greet you if you are opening PayPay for the first time, now make it much easier for you to understand how to get started and how to get the most benefit from PayPay.

Think of these new screens as a distillation of everything you need to know to use PayPay smoothly, while benefiting from our  money management tools, cash back offers, money transfers and security settings.

If you need more information, there will also be direct links to our help and frequently asked questions pages. These will help give you extra guidance for setting up your account, making payments and tracking your cash back rewards.

We view accessibility as a very important part of the PayPay experience and we are very sensitive to making our technology easy to use, for the widest number of people possible. Last year we added features such as multiple font sizes, English language support and an easy way for you to log out of all devices where you have used PayPay.

We will be sharing more ways we are making PayPay easier to use soon. Check back when you can.